New presentation and new job

I gave a presentation last night on 'Agile and Automated Testing Techniques and Tools' to the Pasadena Java User Group. It was a version of the talk I gave earlier this year to the XP/Agile SoCal User Group. This time I posted the slides to Slideshare.

If you look attentively at the first slide, you'll notice I have a new job at Evite, as a Sr. Systems Architect. I started a couple of weeks ago, and it's been great. Expect more blog posts on automated deployments to the cloud (using Ubuntu images from Alestic), on continuous integration/build/release management processes, on Hadoop, and on any interesting stuff that comes my way.


matt harrison said…
Congrats on the new job! It sounds like you are playing with cool technology.
Congrats Grig, shame I couldn't pull you over to the mouse.
Anonymous said…
grig i am greg...what's an architect exactly? is that like a former programmer who doesn't like to program anymore but just wants to build something?

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